Meet Russ Gleaves

At Hope Falls Rustic, Russ Gleaves has been creating furniture in the Adirondack Rustic style, using natural materials from local surroundings, for over 20 years.  Russ's love of nature began when he moved to The Adirondack Mountains as a young child.  Living in a log cabin built by his family, a simple life allowed him more time to devote to his keen interest in woodworking, carving, and studying the wilderness around him. Since that time, his endeavors reflect these passions.  Furniture & cabinet maker, luthier and home builder are among those.

Each design is a one-of-a-kind piece, original & innovative, never produced in volume. As a master craftsman, Russ gives full attention  to design, finish, and compositional balance in his work. He takes much pride in creating & building pieces that can be passed down for many generations.  Many commissions are by customers living in places like Wyoming, Wisconsin, New York City & even Japan. 

Russ's work has been showcased in a number of magazine articles, including Adirondack Life and local newspapers.  Russ has exhibited in Saratoga, Lake Placid, Utica, New York City, and Blue Mountain Lake and won numerous awards including two "People's Choice Awards" & "Best In Show" from the Adirondack Museum Rustic Fair.

An exciting new piece from Hope Falls Rustic is sure to enhance your surroundings and bring enjoyment into your home.